Instructions for how to complete our RSPB Survey online.

Please help us support this year’s RSPB Wildlife Count by watching the birds that visit your garden or local park for 1 hour on either Saturday 28th or Sunday 29th January 2017.  To make it simple to submit your results first read through the instructions below and then click here to see the digital online copy of the form your child has brought home, so there is no need for you to return the sheet to your class teacher.

Here’s how to take part in the Big Garden Birdwatch during 28-30 January 2017.

  1. Watch the birds in your garden or local park for one hour.
  2. Only count the birds that land in your garden or local park, not those flying over.
  3. The same birds may land more than once. To avoid counting them twice, please submit the highest number you see of each bird species at any one time in the hournot the total number you count over the hour.  So, if you see a group of eight starlings together, and towards the end of your hour you see six together, please write eight down as your final count.
  4. Tell us what you’ve seen in your hour, even if you saw nothing – it’s still really useful information!
  5. Tell us about other wildlife that visits your garden or local part during the year too – this time write down a letter from A to F that best describes how often in a year that you have seen this type of animal.
  6. Please complete the online survey form, please do not have to return the sheet to your teacher.  If, you are prompted for your child’s j2e (Just2Easy) login please remind them it is the same as their PurpleMash and Education City login details.
  7. When you open the online survey you will be in View Mode, please fill in all the boxes and then on the top righthand corner of the webpage click on the “Send” button and you are done. Please close your web-browser window to finish.  You will see an Edit button in the lefthand corner but that is for school use in order to collate the results so please ignore this.
  8. Using this online method we will collate all the results in to a single spreadsheet for Phoenix Community Primary to submit a whole school completed survey form to RSPB Wildlife Count.

Please call in the office for a pdf paper copy of the RSPB Wildlife Survey form if you wish to have a paper copy to reference to help keep a note of your count during your hour.

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