Click here to complete the RSPB Wildlife Survey

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6 Responses to Click here to complete the RSPB Wildlife Survey

  1. Jessica Hooper says:

    I enjoyed looking in my garden and local area to see birds and other wild life.

  2. Greg says:

    Really enjoyed taking part to help the wildlife in Ashford, Gave me and my children a great opportunity to spot the natural world in our back garden and the children enjoyed noting down all the animals they can see in just a same space of Ashford.

    • rogerd05 says:

      I’m sure Ella and Evie had a great time spotting and chatting about the birds they saw in your garden. Hopefully, you were snug and warm while counting your visitors. Thank you for taking part, Mrs Rogers.

  3. Mollie and Logan Norris says:

    its very sad we dont see more wildlife in our home town now , but this was good fun taking part .

    • rogerd05 says:

      I am so pleased you had great fun taking part, I am sure Logan loved spotting all the birds and together you’ve noticed a few more different kinds visiting your garden. Thank you for taking part we really appreciate it, from Mrs Rogers.

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